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Commercial roofing projects

We Are A Member Of The BBB- You Can Rest Assured That We’re Certified To Do Your Roofing Job Right!

When you hire Outside In Renos you're not getting anybody off the street, you're getting a highly skilled team of certified contractors. As a reputable Calgary roofing company we strive to provide quality workmanship to the homeowners of Calgary so you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof is being taken care of by trained professionals. We have never had any complaints from our customers and we plan to keep that way by servicing all your needs with efficiency and accuracy!


Outside In Renos Is Fully Licensed To Work In And Around Calgary

If you need your roof replaced, repaired or just need some new siding on your house, look no further than Outside In Renos. We're 100% certified to work not only in Calgary, but the surrounding areas as well. You'll never pay extra if you live on the outskirts of the city, our rate is based on the primary project and never the travel time.



1 Outside In Renos licensed 


Rob Robson Has Been In The Roofing Business For Over 24 Years!

Outside In Renos was established in 1993 with over 24 years of experience. You can count on them to get your roof up-to-date and keep your home safe and dry from the harsh weather. When you hire Rob's Calgary roofing team, you're hiring skilled roofing contractors who know exactly how to do the job properly and with care, not many roofing companies can say that and stand by their word these days. 


1 Outside In Renos Established



Each Employee Is Required To Pass An Extensive Background Check- So You Can Feel Safe Letting Them Work On Your Roof

There is no need to stress about letting a stranger into your home with Outside In Renos - we require that all our employees go through an extensive criminal background check so you can feel safe about them working on your home. Our team is extremely approachable and friendly, so don't hesitate to ask them about any of your questions or concerns.

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Speak Directly With A Qualified Roofing Contractor To Answer All Your Questions With Accuracy- No Need To Get Passed Along Until You Can Speak With The Right Person

Our phones are answered directly by trained professionals of the roofing trade. They are highly knowledgable, skilled workers who can assist you with any roofing situation on the spot, so you don't have to get passed from person to person to get the right one. Call us today to get a direct quote on all your roofing needs! 403-710-4231



1 Outside In Renos Background Check



You Get Peace Of Mind In Knowing That We're Eco-Friendly! 

Feel good knowing that fixing your roof won't contribute to the deforestation of forests, or the ongoing environment crisis. At Outside In Renos, we provide a variety of environmentally friendly materials such as our popular, vinyl siding. It is very important to our company that we participate in preserving the environment and we know that you'll love jumping on board with us in doing so!

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At Outside In Renos We Strive To Provide Quality Service For A Fair Price Because We Know Renovating Your Home Can Be Quite Costly

We know most homeowners are on a budget when it comes to renovating their home so we give you quality work for a fair price that won't break the bank. Don't let expensive roof renos damper your wallet, let those precious dollars go to quality workmanship and peace of mind with our experienced team! 


1 Outside In Renos Quality Service



Special Care And Attention Ensures The Job is Done Correctly- This Means Absolutely No Corners Are Cut!

Nobody wants a  roof that's just thrown together as quickly as possible! Homeowners want to know they're being taken care of and their money is going towards quality work, not something that will fall apart right after. We have a keen eye for detail and continually go over our work to make sure it's perfect for you. Outside In Renos has a strict run-through policy where we go over all our work in three stages to make sure it is consistent and accurate.


1 Outside In Renos Special Care



Rest Easy Knowing That The Products We Use Are Durable Against All Outside Elements- And Comes With A 50-year Warranty

We guarantee our products will with stand the harshest weather Calgary throws at us so your family stays warm and dry. Nobody wants a leaking roof, or shingles that just fall off once the wind picks up! At Outside In Renos we got you covered, whether you need to replace the soffit and fascia or if you simply want a face lift for your home by switiching up the siding, Outside In Renos has your back! We back all our roof replacements with a guaranteed 50-year warranty.


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The Roofing Industry Is Growing By The Mintue!

Over the next several years the roofing industry is expected to grow to $5.3 billion.
Currently over 50,000 establishments are involved in installation, roofing, siding and sheet metal which is valued at $31.4 billion.
Numerous roofing materials such as metal and plastic are becoming the most popular choice with the projected growth for commercial and industrial roofing. Residential roofing demands are leaning towards shingles and metal panels rather than tile and asphalt.


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